Mythical dominance


Power is one of the most subjective and misunderstood terms of our times.. We all think that our dominant traits make us powerful. But be well acquainted with the fact that too much of anything has been the cause of many a fall. On the contrary, I have come to believe that too less of anything ignites the fire that results in a product excess could never achieve.

History is replete with examples of great people rising from nothing. One thing they all had in common: they focused their energy on what they excelled at.

Todays power-hungry world is living a lie. One that makes them feel dominant due to their money, power etc. I think it is essential to remember that in the battle between humanity and power, eventually the former conquered.


Author: Kinjal

I am a chartered accountant by profession. When I am all entangled in numbers, words come to my rescue. Writing is something I truly cherish and the transition of that thought into apt words makes me the happiest!

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